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CG Jung Liverpool Dream drawing from the RED BOOK compared to Freemasonry symbolism codified into the streets of Washington DC

I want to stir the witches brew so-to-speak and this is why I posted this on several Jungian forums. There should be some reaction to this discovery from CG Jung's work outlined below.

Within days of publishing my paper on Freemasonry's influence on the American Pathos…


Posted by William John Meegan on May 17, 2015 at 3:07pm

Iconic Branding

What do Vampires, Rayban and Coke have in common? Check out my article on Iconic Branding.
Iconic Branding

Posted by Dr Sharon Livingston on May 29, 2012 at 8:02pm


You Have Found the Home of Carl Jung Studies at this Centerpoint Learning Community

"The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it." Carl Jung
It’s a journey, isn’t it? The lifelong search for meaning and deeper understanding. And like you, we are all travelers on this journey. No one can walk your path, but you can move forward in community with others. The Centerpoint Learning Community is here to help you find ways to make your personal journey easier and more meaningful. Think of this not as a stopping point along the way but as a hub to which you return again and again for guidance, clarity and support---necessary provisions and enhancements for the road ahead.

Your fellow travelers are unique, yet they are much like you. Their backgrounds and experiences are varied, but they are all united by a shared quest. Here, as a member of the Centerpoint Learning Community, you can find support to enrich the experience both of the individuation you seek and your bonds within a community of other seekers.

As Thomas Lavin explained in an earlier In Touch interview, "A Place Without Walls": "Centerpoint is extremely important to the larger Jungian community because we must have some place where people can gather as equals to share the stories of archetypal relatedness. We need a meeting place, a level playing field, to come together to share our experiences of the presence of the extraordinary in the ordinary, to share the influence which the writings of C. G. Jung have had in our coming to a deeper awareness of the Other. Centerpoint is the place without walls to come together to share and celebrate the joining of matter and spirit and the joining of the human and the divine without any hierarchies or dogmatism."

Last year we established as a free Directory for all Jungian organizations and events. Now we are further exploring the opportunities provided by the worldwide internet:  this social networking community.

Again, welcome to the journey.


Cult Fictions, by Sonu Shamdasani

I find it quite extraordinary that man has no inventiveness in his attitudes towards those that he envies. Apparently Richard Noll [The Jung Cult and the Aryan Christ] had taken on the mantle of many before him in attacking that which they did not…Continue

Started by William John Meegan Jul 11, 2010.

A Bone of Contention in Jungian thought: Man tendency psychologically is regressive not progressive.

Certainly I agree with about 99.99% of what C.G. Jung has written concerning the dynamics of the psyche.  I understand that there is a compensatory nature to the unconscious that aid the individual to improve himself.  However, this is on an…Continue

Started by William John Meegan Apr 13, 2010.

Some interesting perspectives on Synchronicity ...


Venturing ever-so slightly from the haunting & spirit topic, but an area of intrigue and mystery no-less I have to say, is meaningful coincidences or better known as (and coined by Carl Jung) Synchronicity. I have been studying ...

Synchronicity, Coincidence, and “Jeff, Who Lives at ...

Exodus 33. This week as I was preparing this sermon on synchronicity, which was Carl Jung's term for “meaningful coincidences,” I had a series of synchronicities related to the concept of synchronicity. Or maybe it was a mere ...

Synchronicity: Your Soul's Guidance - Awake in the World

When we begin to wake up and pay attention to the world around us and look for meaning, Spirit begins to play and present synchronicities. Synchronicity was a word coined by Carl Jung in the 1920′s. Jung was on a deep ...

Several Discussions on Archetypes ...

A Beautiful Life: Understanding Carl Jung's Archetype of Shadowing

Understanding Carl Jung's Archetype of Shadowing. Last week, our class discussion revolved around Carl Jung's Archetype particularly on one of my personal favorites: Shadow. The archetype is probably Jung's most difficult ...

Carl Jung's Archetypes

Dreams, though personal, often touch on universal archetypes. These symbols recur regardless of time period, culture, nationality, or geographic origin of the dreamer. In particualar, Jung identifies seven major archetypal ...

Archetypes that Shape A Woman's Life: The Crone – 

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung described archetypes as models of people, behaviors, or personalities. For Jung, the psyche was composed of three components: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective ...


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As a Member of Carl Jung Studies here at the Centerpoint Social Networking  Community, you will want to contribute in as many ways as possible. Individual contribution is what makes the community strong and allows it to continue and to grow. Plan to participate in the discussion forums; to listen and offer feedback about the BlogTalk Radio interviews, In Touch with Carl Jung; and to post videos, photographs, resources, and articles of interest to the group. Volunteer your time and talents for local, regional, and online events, and of course, provide your much-needed financial support, so that the timeless wisdom of Carl Jung is never lost and can be shared worldwide  for years to come ... this community is as strong as each individual 's commitment.




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